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Sushi · Grocery store · Catering

We will be closed starting from 23 Jun 2022 to 25 July 2022. We will reopen starting Tuesday July 26th, 2022.

Thank you to all our loyal customers. We wish you very good summer vacation. Take care of yourselves.

Sushi Hamachi

You can reach us at any of these 3 phone numbers: 450-906-3838, 450-906-6282 and 438-527-0682.

Who are we?

Sushi Hamachi
690, rue de Montbrun
(450) 906-3838
(450) 90662824385270682
Chef Luu Danh, invites you to discover his new concept; a sushi counter paired with a Japanese grocery store. The Japanese grocery allows all customers to purchase ingredients, sauces, or tools to confect typical Japanese dishes at home. Whether basmati rice (sticky), a special flavor of tea, or even a sauce, they have a multitude of product to meet your needs.

Chef Luu Danh has over 20 years experience and talent of excellence in Japanese cuisine. He offers rewarding dining experience of flavor, combining sweet, salty, sour and bitter which provide an extraordinary taste.

As his witness, Chef Luu Danh prepares sushis for every taste. Crispy sushi, hot, sweet or simply spicy, all prepared with the purpose of making you discover a multitude of contrasting flavor.

The quality of food offered by Sushi Hamachi is very important for the Chef Luu Danh. He personally ensures to have the best suppliers for the fish, seafood and other ingredients that are part of his succulent dishes.


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Sushi - Japanese - Boutique-Counter

Our Specialties

Sushi & Sashimi


Capacity: 50

Boutique-Counter - Cooking Classes - Good for Groups - Parking Available - Takeout Food - Terrace - Wheelchair Accessible


Sushi Hamachi



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    ❝ Comme toujours, une magnifique expérience, autant pour le service que pour les produits. Mes 10 convives ont tous été charmés ! Merci Sushi Hamachi ! Gros succès. ❞

Sushi Hamachi
690, rue de Montbrun
(450) 906-3838
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(450) 906-3838
(450) 90662824385270682
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